Fantasy Turf is the most reliable and transparent app in the market where you can play and earn real cash and much more.

Are you a sports lover? Do you want to play like childhood and get thrilled, but not able due to a busy lifestyle?

Then we have a very amazing offer for you!

about us

Fantasy Turf is made for fans who always wanted to experience real life competition in their favourite sports, who has always had a conversation with friends after the match regarding the performance of players.

This is the world’s first blockchain based P2P fantasy e-sports platform. You become the captain of your game, just after joining us. Then You are not just a bare, unmitigated viewer anymore.


We offer all our services based on smart contracts on the Binance smart chain. Being transparent and honest is our motto and safeguarding your confidential statements is our aim, at Fantasy Turf. Don’t get bored at home and join us to get the best experience of playing fantasy sports. You can also participate in match prediction, just what you need is to use your brain and then sit back and relax to hear your achievements.


  • Decentralized
  • Discount Artboard
  • Staking Artboard
  • Governance
  • P2P
  • Transparent

Utility of FTF token

Free discount on the whole platform

why choose us?


We provide neutrality and impartiality in respect of competition within contests.

Trust and Satisfaction

To gain your Trust and Satisfaction is our full concern

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